About Simcoach Games

Born Out Of Innovative Thinking And An Entrepreneurial Mind.

Simcoach Games is a Pittsburgh-based technology spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, dedicated to creating video games that inspire and connect individuals to job opportunities. Since 2005, we have partnered with industry leading organizations in retail, construction, manufacturing, government, and healthcare to produce free and engaging games that help players discover their aptitudes and interests. The Simcoach Skill Arcade is an innovative bridge that spans the gap between people with the skills to be successful in careers and the organizations that need them today and in the future.

At Simcoach Games, our mission is to create fun video games that inspire youth and connect them to relevant career paths. Our vision is that all youth would be empowered to pursue the best career path to fit their unique interests and aptitudes. We value authentic partnership between developers and content experts and promote a collaborative approach to produce solutions that are player-centric in design and focus. Additionally, our values are displayed in our agile, iterative method allowing for constant input that results in life-changing games that have major impacts on individuals and society.

Simcoach Games partners with regional and Fortune 500 companies to expose qualified talent to available opportunities that align with their current knowledge of the industry and skill set. We are consistently recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the “Best Places To Work in Western Pennsylvania” and by gaming industry organizations for the quality of our work. Whether we are educating a workforce, getting young professionals hired, or helping players discover their unique skills and aptitudes, we are committed to exposing next generation talent to promising career paths. Join us as we prepare the workforce of tomorrow with the most innovative technologies of today.


Simcoach Games 370 Castle Shannon Blvd. #10449 Pittsburgh, PA 15234 | 412-246-4020