Virtual programs jump start careers in highway construction.


Over the past few years, our clients have been looking for solutions to solve the skills gap. They face the challenge of identifying, assessing and recruiting talented candidates for hourly jobs in industries like construction. Studies have shown that demand in the construction trades will grow much faster in the Pittsburgh area compared to the overall market rate. Today, trade unions are taking more apprentices than in any year in the past decade.


Explore a career in highway construction through Future Road Builders! This free game allows you to interact with each phase of a virtual highway construction project and learn about the skills needed to be a construction professional. Future Road Builders is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.


Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania (CAWP), Ladders of Opportunity and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.


Future Road Builders introduces users to careers in highway construction. The free game allows participants to explore and virtually interact with each phase of a highway construction project, educating users on the skills needed to be a construction professional. The Future Road Builders platform can be utilized by teachers, counselors and non-profit organizations to introduce individuals to career opportunities in highway construction. The Simcoach Skill Arcade is our workforce development training platform that uses video games to expose next generation talent to career paths and connect them with training, apprenticeships and employment in their region. At Simcoach Games, we believe that there’s more than one road to a promising career.

Players are educated on four different trades’ roles within carpentry, masonry, labor and operating engineering. The game is designed to reward players for achieving certain benchmarks and milestones. Players can take advantage of these rewards by setting badge goals. For instance, the “Get to Work” badge is a great target to set for new players because users are rewarded for exploring all four different trades, taking practice tests, and completing interactive activities. Additionally, players can measure their progress and achievements by accessing their badges and informational links through their account profile.

Our solution provides parents and facilitators with a career platform that aids students in discovering which areas of the skills industry they find most interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. Advisors can invite others to participate in the fun by utilizing the poster and flyer located on our webpage. Overall, Future Road Builders helps aid students in taking necessary next steps by providing links to apprenticeship applications, videos of real construction sites, and extensive informational content. For additional assistance, please contact marketing@simcoachgames.com. Play The Game and Get To Work.


Future Road Builders is receiving national exposure through our partner organizations.The dashboard is a new ecosystem for connecting people and companies, providing organizations with the necessary data to gain insights into potential employees. Such insights include – what region players are in, what interests they have and what aptitudes they have shown. Additionally, organizations can license the ability to target messaging to specific audiences based on the registered zip codes of players. Overall, our solution builds a bridge between potential candidates who have been introduced to new industries and the organizations that are hiring for great careers. The game is free and available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore. Future Road Builders has been well received by both CAWP and reviewers. Job application rates for construction have increased and hundreds of players have earned certificates since June of this year.

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