Featured Game


Career Discovery

Booeys: A Ghost’s Code

Solve ghostly puzzles to discover skills related to technology careers.

Booeys: A Journey Home

Help Hubsley make decisions to return home and maybe learn something about yourself along the way.

Career Exploration

Ground Up Construction

Ground Up Construction gives you a hands on introduction to commercial building, letting you put your skills to the test. See if you can master 100 puzzles where you’ll build everything from convenience stores to skyscrapers.

Build South Dakota: The Game 

As a spin-off of Future Road Builders, this game was built in partnership with the Associated General Contractors of South Dakota as a career awareness tool geared towards developing the required skills to be a heavy and highway construction apprentice.

Cube Cut: Making Your Future

Test your spatial awareness by carving into cubes to match the plans in this 3D puzzle game. Customize your cube with crazy colors as you level up.

Dig In: A Dozer Game

Use your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness to operate your dozer to perfection by digging trenches, pushing dirt, and filling holes in this fast-paced construction game.

Dig In: An Excavator Game

Use your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness to build up your reputation as an expert excavator operator, completing simulated construction tasks!

Excavator Game

As an excavator operator, use your skills in hand-eye coordination, three dimensional thinking, and planning to solve these challenging digging puzzles!

Future Construction Inspectors

Focus on the underlying skills needed to be an inspector on a road construction project.

Future Construction Managers

Learn the ins and outs of four different construction management positions by interacting with construction managers of varying expertise.

Future Road Builders

Learn about the different phases of a highway construction project and uncover the skills needed to be a Carpenter, Pile Driver, Concrete Finisher, Skilled Laborer, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Inspector.

Hooked! A Tower Crane Game

See what it takes to become a master crane operator by lifting loads around a construction site.

MechLife: Manufacturing Career Quest

Mechanical aptitude: the ability to understand and apply mechanical concepts and principles to solve problems. Do you have it or don’t you? MechLife drives the point home that the everyday person already has a grasp of mechanical concepts, whether they realize it or not. Play as an aspiring manufacturing employee as he prepares for an upcoming interview.


Learn and practice the basic moves for 3 different types of rebar ties. Watch structures come together as you tie more rebar.

Road Builder Blitz

Quickly build bridges to learn about different careers involved in highway construction.

Traffic Control

Help traffic pass safely and avoid all the elements around your construction site.

Career Readiness 

JobPro: Get Dressed!

This game challenges players to select an outfit that is appropriate for the industry and position that they are interviewing for. Players unlock ranks and new positions as they progress

JobPro: Get Hired Construction

While answering interview questions, the player is challenged with controlling their avatar – keeping them from nodding off, fidgeting, looking around the room, slouching, and more. Land the construction job by mastering the interview!

JobPro: Get Hired!

This game puts the player in the hot seat of an interview, answering questions while also monitoring their own behavior. Small bad habits such as unnecessary hand gestures, slouching, and minimal eye contact can lead to disaster in an interview. By actively addressing these bad habits, players gain an understanding of what not to do in their interview.

JobPro: Get Prepared!

Players are put in the shoes of someone who has just landed an interview. In this game, players choose how to manage their time, either by engaging in interview preparation tasks like researching the company and printing their resume or stress relieving activities like playing video games and exercising at the park.

JobPro: My Life

Players are challenged to make decisions concerning their work, health, and social life. Maintain your avatar’s professional and well-being through the week, by choosing what to eat, how to dress, and where to spend money and time.

WyldWood Stories: BB Speaks Up

The first in a series of soft skill games, WyldWood Stories: BB Speaks Up teaches players important interpersonal and problem-solving skills in advocating for themselves and others.

Career Skill Development 

Construction Crane Rigging

Construction Crane Rigging focuses on two key aspects of rigging: thinking ahead and inspection. There is a great deal to consider when thinking ahead. In Construction Crane Rigging, you’ll walk through these questions and more to thoroughly plan how to rig a load. Perform well enough and earn a shareable certificate.

Construction Crane Signals

The Construction Crane Signals tool is for all construction trades to practice their understanding of mobile crane hand signals.  Prove your knowledge and earn a certificate of completion.

Electric Protector

Step into the role of an electrician who is getting ready to repair a motor out in the field. Not only is it important to get the job done, but doing it safely is what matters most. Miss a step and witness your worker fall victim to an electric shock or arc flash.

EVS Coach: High Touch Test 

High touch areas are objects and spaces that are most frequently touched by hospital staff, patients, and visitors. Identify high touch areas before engaging in the act of cleaning.

EVS Coach: Patient Protector  

Examine three different hospital room types (patient rooms, exam rooms, and operating rooms) for safety issues that were missed.

EVS Coach: PPE Challenge 

Practice proper hand hygiene and reduce the risk of infecting yourself and others by wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Clean 5 rooms before time runs out!

Harness Hero

Reduce injuries and fatalities related to improper use of fall protection equipment by playing this game.

Harness Hero: Bridge Edition

As a spin-off of Harness Hero, this game educates players on the fundamental decisions of using a fall arrest system for bridge construction projects.

ICRA For Construction 

As a carpenter on a healthcare construction site, you are challenged to identify safety hazards at a hospital. Find hazards that could potentially contaminate yourself and patients.

Lift Coach: Plan Your Lift 

Players learn the importance of proper lifting posture to prevent future injuries and strains.

Lift Coach: Plan Your Route 

Players are challenged with the task of properly moving construction materials on a job site safely to avoid injury.

Site Coach: Fall Hazards

Players investigate construction sites and practice identifying some of the common fall hazards that may be present in building and highway construction. The game features the following fall hazards: improper fall arrest setup, faulty or broken fall protection, improper fall prevention setup, exposed loading areas, misuse of PPE, trench and excavation hazards, ladder safety issues, scaffolding issues, and so much more.

Site Coach: Ladder Safety Construction 

Players are challenged to investigate construction sites and practice identifying some of the most common hazards in ladder safety. The game features the following safety precautions: identification of ladder damage, use near fall hazards, secured ladders, placement of ladders in excavation, overhead power lines, selection of the right ladder, and so much more.

Site Coach: Start Smart Construction

Players investigate construction sites and practice identifying some of the most common hazards in building and highway construction. Some of the safety hazards include: ladder safety issues, scaffolding mishaps,  struck-by hazards, and more.


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