A crane operating game to introduce new career opportunities in construction.


As the number of construction jobs in Western Pennsylvania continues to increase, the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 66 is developing more interactive tools to draw young adults to their apprenticeship program. Following the success of Excavator, a game focused on attracting youth to opportunities as Heavy Equipment Operators, IUOE 66 is taking a similar approach to introduce the basic skills required to be a crane operator.


Increase awareness of Operating Engineer careers in the construction industry.


International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Local 66

Western Pennsylvania Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program


See what it takes to become a master crane operator in Hooked! A Tower Crane Game. In each level players must hook, hoist, trolley, and swing loads around a construction site while avoiding numerous obstacles. It takes finesse and precision to operate a real tower crane. In Hooked!, players must delicately place loads onto trailers, rooftops, bridges, trains, and more while trying to avoid damaging structures around the construction site. Players earn a wage at the end of each level, and watch their wage increase over time, similar to a actual operator apprenticeship. Through the game, players gain an understanding of the compensation available to Apprentices, Journeymen, and Master crane operators. Those interested in a career in crane operation can use the game to visit the Western Pennsylvania Operating Engineers website and learn more about apprenticeship programs.

Current Status

Hooked! A Tower Crane Game is available for free through iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

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