Equipping Pittsburgh’s young adults seeking employment with soft skills to stand out among the crowd.


Approximately 7,000 young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 are looking for work here in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, many of these young adults lack the hard and soft skills necessary to present themselves as likely candidates. In order to incorporate the next generation into the workplace, scalable systemic employment tools need to be created that engage the youth and teach them invaluable workplace skills.


Develop a series of professionalism games that teach soft skills to the unemployed to utilize in their search for employment in Pittsburgh. Work in conjunction with the Learn and Earn Program, a citywide initiative to employ 2,000 of Pittsburgh’s youth in effort to teach them soft skills, as they provide direct feedback and assistance in developing the games.


Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board


JobPro is a trilogy of games that teach players about time management, proper dress, and interview behavior. Game development and testing was done with the assistance of the Learn and Earn Program which helped achieve a greater understanding of the needs of the target age group. The unparalleled experience of these games allows players to make mistakes in the game rather than in real life, possibly disqualifying them for a job.

The first of the JobPro games is JobPro: Get Prepared!, a game where players are put in the shoes of someone who has just landed an interview. In this game, players choose how to manage their time, either by engaging in interview preparation tasks like researching the company and printing their resume or stress relieving activities like playing video games and exercising at the park. Get Prepared gives players a safe environment to practice showing up to the interview prepared, properly dressed, and on time.

Once players demonstrate that they can properly manage their time before an interview they will learn about proper dress in JobPro: Get Dressed! This game challenges players to select an outfit that is appropriate for the industry and position that they are interviewing for. Players unlock ranks and new positions as they progress. Candidates are encouraged to research company culture and dress code before showing up for an interview. Get Dressed reinforces this notion through helpful hints and a variety of company positions.

The third game to the trilogy is JobPro: Get Hired! This game puts the player in the hot seat of an interview, answering questions while also monitoring their own behavior. Small bad habits such as unnecessary hand gestures, slouching, and minimal eye contact can lead to disaster in an interview. By actively addressing these bad habits, players gain an understanding of what not to do in their interview.


The JobPro series is available on all mobile platforms for free!

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