Our games empower youth to discover their unique interests and aptitudes for career advancement. 

Simcoach Method

Originally, Simcoach was an acronym that stood for Simple, Impactful, and Mobile. However, with the redirection of our brand and refocused mission towards Workforce Development, the Sim in Simcoach now stands for Simple, Interactive, and Measurable. The term coach does not necessarily imply that we are experts but rather individuals who strive to help others through their own career search, preparation, and progress. Our workforce development games provide users with real insights and projects – allowing users to assess which skills and aptitudes would make them most successful in a construction profession.

The Simcoach® Method combines game design and learning science to produce games that incorporate and promote goals, participation, practice, feedback, and consequences. At Simcoach, we believe that achievable goals drive focused practice and application. Therefore, our games emphasize participation, making individual actions simultaneously achievable and meaningful towards a larger goal. In practice, knowledge is used immediately, cementing each new idea through application. Subsequently, our games provide clear and relevant feedback and consequences – making progress visible while keeping players accountable.

At Simcoach, we believe that thriving learning environments and games, when designed well, have many similarities. These qualities include decision making, problem solving, collaboration, instant feedback, consequences, etc. Deconstruct the fun in any good game — be it a video game, a card or dice game or even a sport — and it becomes clear that what makes it enjoyable is the built-in learning process. To progress in a game is to learn; when we are actively engaged with a game, our minds are experiencing the pleasure of grappling with (and coming to understand) a new system. Our games are not designed for pure entertainment, but to inspire and educate users in fields of career interest.

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